CBD Massage, what?

Topical CBD is better known to enhance relaxation for clients who incorporate the product into their session. Especially when combined with heat such as hot stones, and hot towels the CBD Massage oil penetrates a little deeper and creates a one of a kind experience for each individual client.

Our CBD Oil also has trace amounts of CBC, CBG and CBD-A as additional cannabinoids that have 1000s of components that work in multiple different ways in our bodies. These elements will work in your body extended after your massage for continued resultsGive us a call with any specific questions related to your CBD journey. 

Do you know why our CBD is some of the most effective on the market?

With CBD in Houston being so fast-growing, it can be hard to find a good CBD product in Houston.
We use high quality, in house infused, full Spectrum CBD to manufacture our CBD products instead of a premade diluted oil.

Our CBD has less than 0.3% THC making it legal under the U.S Farm Bill to use in our state. If you are drug tested regularly be sure to ask your place of employment what is acceptable. You may Click Here to see our Certificate of Analysis (COA) to present to your company as evidence of the product you use. Although our CBD will not cause you to fail a THC drug test. CBD may appear if tested for. So please make sure your company allows the use of CBD.